jQuery tabs may be not work on Internet Explorer 10

There is a small problem for any developer that using jQuery UI tabs (tested on jQuery 1.8.2 and jQuery UI 1.9.2). Your website or exactly the jQuery tabs on you website may be not work. It create tab anchors (tab title) right, but nothing occur when user click it because the tab content panels do not load exactly by the way it should be.

The problem is the <base> html tag on your website. If you website using <base> tag example:

Fix Window Phone LongListSelector dynamic binding exception

Sometime, you are receive an exception error when using Window Phone Toolkit LongListSelector control. It occur while you are trying to modify ItemsSource which is ObservableCollection (or any implement INotifyCollectionChanged interface) of the LongListSelector control.

The error message can form: ArgumentOutOfRangeException is being thrown within InsertNewGroups in LongListSelector.cs
And the part of stack trace could be: