Export Gantt Chart to image or pdf from Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a powerfull project management tool to create Work Break Structure (WBS) which is usually used by a Project Manager. But Microsoft Project do not provide the function that could export a Gantt Chart or any others Chart to image for using later, example, we can insert our Gantt Chart into Word or Excel or our website...

Luckily, there is a way that could help us export any Chart from Microsoft Project to an image or a pdf file. That is Bullzip PDF Printer, it's a freeware, we can download it at http://www.bullzip.com/products/pdf/info.php. Bullzip PDF Printer is a software that create a virtual printer that can print the result into an image file or a pdf file. It is a usefull tool when we want to print something to file.

Now, what could we do which Bullzip PDF Printer? Take it easy, we will print our Chart from Microsoft Project through Bullzip PDF Printer. Take a look. I have a project and I set Gantt Chart to fullview:

Microsoft Project 2013 Gantt Chart
Microsoft Project 2013 Gantt Chart

Then, we just print it in Microsoft Project and choose Bullzip PDF Printer as our Printer. We also can choose the page size for large image. In the picture below, we choose the page size is A2. This the print preview of our Gantt Chart.

Microsft Project 2013 with Bullzip PDF Printer print preview
Microsoft Project 2013 print preview

Final, Bullzip will ask which file type that we want to save to and where will we save it. Just choose which option that we like and Bullzip will do what we want! Ok, now, our Gantt Chart will be exported to a image.

Bullzip PDF Printer file creating
Bullzip PDF Printer file creating

Goodluck, hope this tip usefull for all Project Managers.

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